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Aging Ductwork Could Be the Culprit for Inefficiency in Your Northern Colorado Home

If you’re concerned about saving the environment or about saving your budget, finding as many ways as possible to reduce energy consumption in your home is very much worth the effort for a lot of reasons. But did you know that one of the hidden ways your home could be wasting energy is through aging ductwork? While energy-efficient HVAC […]

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True Energy Efficiency Requires a Whole-House Approach — What That Means

When it comes to HVAC systems, you can think of your home as a kind of organism. It has walls and insulation for its skin, uses ventilation to breathe, and the conditioned air circulates through ductwork the way blood circulates through the body, returning to the furnace and air conditioner (or heart) on each cycle. […]

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Expert Load Calculations Will Lead You to the Right-Sized HVAC System

Proper heating and load calculations are crucial to HVAC system design. Home comfort, construction costs, air quality and many other factors are directly affected by these calculations, so use these simple tips to make sure the HVAC experts you’ve employed are following proper calculation guidelines.

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