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Geothermal Myths: Don’t Let Them Deter You From This Efficient System

Geothermal heating and cooling has repeatedly proven its value in homes and businesses across the country. Despite its ongoing successes, some geothermal myths have emerged that may cause some potential users to reconsider this type of economical, highly efficient home comfort system. Here are some of those myths and the facts that prove the myths aren’t […]

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Heat Pumps: How Long Do They Last?

Heat pumps are a viable appliance in our region for both cooling and heating homes. Their average lifespan is around 15 years, and heat pumps may last longer depending on the initial installation process and the maintenance they receive.

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Is a Heat Pump Right for Your Casper Home’s Needs? The Pros and Cons

Heat pumps are growing in popularity, and for good reason: dollar for dollar, they can produce three to four times the amount of heating that a traditional furnace can provide, and their efficiency extends to their cooling powers as well. And because a single unit takes on both the heating and cooling roles in your […]

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