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Is Installing Air Conditioner Complicated and Expensive?

One of the most common concerns among homeowners who are contemplating the purchase of a new air conditioner is the expense associated with installation. Homeowners often wonder about the cost of a new air conditioning system as well as how much it will cost to have an expert installing air conditioner come to you. In reality, […]

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Will a Whole House Fan Help Cool Homes in all Climates?

If you live in Ft. Collins, or anywhere within the state of Colorado, consider yourself lucky! Colorado is well known for its pleasant and temperate climate. And despite the fact that Ft. Collins, CO can get very hot during the summer months, Colorado typically has a low level of humidity. Compared to states that are […]

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Can an Air Conditioning System be Added to Your Garage?

It’s summer and the temperature outside is hot! Even if your central air conditioner works perfectly fine and it cools the inside of your home very well, your garage probably remains very hot all summer long. This is due to the fact that most garages are not cooled by an air conditioner. Most people do […]

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