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5 Ways a Whole House Humidifier Can Keep Your Family Healthy This Season

Colorado is known for its dry climate, which has benefits but can take a toll on your skin and sinuses. The ideal humidity level is about 40% for optimal comfort and health. One of the best ways to maintain that level in your home is with an energy-efficient whole house humidifier.

How a whole house humidifier works

A whole house humidifier can be installed directly into your HVAC system, introducing humidity and moisture in the form of water vapor into your home through your air ducts. You can use a thermostat to easily monitor and adjust, not only your indoor temperature, but the humidity levels, as well.

Benefits of a whole house humidifier


Viruses, like the flu, flourish in low humidity environments and dry sinuses make people more susceptible to getting sick. Very dry air is hard on people’s respiratory systems, and can worsen allergy symptoms and asthma, as well as causing sore throats and dry, cracked skin. Bringing the right amount of humidity into your home keeps you and your family healthier.


Along with relieving the discomfort of dry skin, noses and throats, moisture in the air decreases static electricity, and the annoying shocks and clingy clothes that come with it.


Unlike a portable humidifier that only works in a limited area, takes up space, and needs constant refilling, a whole house system works behind the scenes to keep your entire home comfortable. The humidity level is easily and conveniently controlled with your thermostat.


A humidifier protects electronics against harmful static shocks. Humidity keeps wood furniture, flooring, trim and structural components from drying out, cracking and splitting.

Save energy and reduce monthly utility costs

In the winter, a whole house humidifier can save as much as 4% on energy costs for every degree you lower your thermostat because humid air feels warmer than dry air.

How much maintenance does a whole house humidifier require?

Very little. If your model uses a humidifier pad or filter, the media typically needs to be replaced about once per year. If you have a steam humidifier, it simply needs to be cleaned annually. Your HVAC technician can perform the annual maintenance on the humidifier along with your regular yearly HVAC service.

Learn more about how a whole house humidifier can benefit your home. Contact Rheem Pro Partners today. We serve homes throughout Colorado and Wyoming.