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How Do Air Scrubbers Work?

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In the wintertime, air quality should be on everyone’s mind because we spend so much more time indoors. When we close the doors and windows to keep in the heat, we trap a surprising number of pollutants. Not just pollen and dust, but also the chemicals we clean with, cooking fumes, and a small amount of gasses from our appliances can build up indoors, causing the air quality to slowly lower, even with a fresh air filter in the intake each month.

It is no surprise that air scrubbers are an often recommended solution. But just what are air scrubbers, and how do they work? The HVAC pros of Rheem Pro Partner can explain the whole thing so you can choose air scrubbers for your home and family.

Types of Air Scrubbers

There are two types of air scrubbers that you can employ to improve indoor air quality. These air scrubber categories are portable and integrated.

Portable Air Scrubbers

Portable air scrubbers can, as the name suggests, be moved and placed where needed. Portable air scrubbers are often used in home construction, remodeling, or mold remediation to remove unwanted dust, spores, and other air contaminants that are often released during these projects. Portable air scrubbers are great for solving temporary and localized air quality issues.

Integrated Air Scrubbers

Integrated air scrubbers are built into your HVAC system so that every time air cycles through your AC or heater, it is scrubbed of all unwanted particles floating inside your house. An integrated air scrubber can improve air quality for a single building in the long term, providing a much higher overall air quality with only a small amount of annual maintenance to remain reliable for years.

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How Do Air Scrubbers Work?

Now the million-dollar question: How do air scrubbers work? Air scrubbers use a combination of filtration methods that pass air through mesh that can catch or neutralize different types of air contamination. UV light is known to kill airborne microbiology.

Since Titanium dioxide coating is photocatalytic, microbial particles are drawn to it and come out of the air to stick. There are several catalytic metals that attract and neutralize harmful microbes. The aggressive quality of filtration also helps to remove up to 99% of pollen, dander, chemical particles, smoke, and VOCs.

Are Air Scrubbers Worth It?

The value of an air scrubber installation in your home or business depends on your air quality concerns. If you have had air testing or know that your building is prone to dust, mold, or chemical exposure, then an air scrubber is worth the installation. A single integrated air scrubbing system can drastically improve the air quality in a home or building that typically suffers from mild to serious air contamination.

Those with severe allergies or compromised immune systems can benefit from air scrubbers without a known contaminant nearby. The clearer air will reduce the risk of allergy symptoms, and scrubbers are uniquely designed to remove microbial risks to immune systems.

Air Scrubbers Are More Effective Than Most Filtration Systems

Air scrubbers are more than just another fancy air filter. They are active systems that use layered chemically reactive materials and UV light to remove up to 99% of viruses, bacteria, pollen, spores, VOCs, smoke, and other known harmful air pollutants. The multiple layers allow an air scrubber to address almost every air quality concern with high efficiency.

Choose Rheem Pro Partner To Improve Your Air Quality

Does your home or business need air scrubbing? Whether you are seeking the long-term air quality benefits of an integrated air scrubber or require temporary air scrubbers for an upcoming project, you can count on Rheem Pro Partner to ensure clean air year-round. Contact us today to improve your air quality with air scrubbing technology.


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