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A Rheem hydronic air handler is critical to any Rheem air conditioning or HVAC system. In particular, having a high-quality air handler can significantly reduce the cost of cooling your home, and keeping yours maintained well can save you hundreds of dollars a year.

Air handlers work with your air conditioning system’s heating and cooling unit to regulate the air’s temperature before reaching you. They usually have filters that trap contaminants and pollutants in the atmosphere, making your cool air even easier to breathe.

Even the best air handlers require regular maintenance, as they can collect dust and grime, causing them to seize up and stop working. Rheem Pro Partners should be your first stop in Colorado and Wyoming for Rheem air handler maintenance and repair. Here’s why.

Why Choose Rheem Pro Partners to Maintain Your Air Handlers?

For more than three decades, Rheem Pro Partners has been Colorado and Wyoming’s most trusted team for HVAC installation and repair. Our expert contractors are NATE- and EPA-certified, and we make your satisfaction our top priority. Bids and on-site evaluations are always free with us. As a bonus, our Rheem Pro Partner captains list includes retired Denver Broncos players and even Olympians!

How to Start Your Service

There are three different ways to start your service with Rheem Pro Partners. You can call us at 303-399-1752, fill out our online contact form, or even schedule your air handler repair online.

Frequently Asked Questions About Rheem Air Handlers

What is the difference between an air handler and an air conditioner?

Air conditioners and air handlers are two different systems that work together to help keep your house at the proper temperature. The air handler is the indoor portion of the HVAC system, while the air conditioner is the outdoor portion. Air handlers help to make the process of cooling your home as efficient and effective as possible.

What are the primary components of an air handler?

A Rheem air handler has three main parts: the air filter, the blower, and the evaporator coils. The air filter does precisely what it suggests: it filters the air. (This does mean it needs cleaning and regularly replacing, as it risks clogging otherwise.) The blower keeps the air flowing smoothly and efficiently. Finally, the evaporator coils absorb excess heat from the air, reducing the workload of your outdoor air conditioner.

What issues and problems can air handlers have?

The most common issue with air handlers is clogged or dirty filters. Regular maintenance and cleaning can prevent this problem. The evaporator coils of your Rheem air handler may also become contaminated, reducing its ability to remove heat from the air. You may be able to perform this cleaning independently, but our experts are always glad to help if needed! Additionally, the blower motor on air handlers may become faulty and need to be repaired or replaced.

When should I replace my Rheem air handler?

When installing a new HVAC system, you should also replace your air handler with a compatible model for your new system. You should also replace your air handler if your current model requires more frequent maintenance or if your air conditioner isn’t working as efficiently as it should.

Rheem Pro Partners: Colorado and Wyoming’s First Choice for Rheem Air Handler Maintenance and Repair

Rheem Pro Partners is the best option in Colorado and Wyoming for installation, repairs, and check-ups of HVAC technology (from air handlers to furnaces and beyond). Call us to schedule your appointment today!

Your new Rheem system may qualify for hundreds, even thousands of dollars in Rheem, energy company and government high efficiency rebate, tax credit and cash back programs.

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