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Did you know that up to 60% of your energy bill is for the heating and cooling of your home? Do you have a furnace or air conditioner that is 10-15 years old? Are you tired of paying those high energy bills? Are you still living without air conditioning? Want to know the payback period on the investment of a high-efficiency system? Let the Rheem Pro Partner come and evaluate your system with our new DesignStar technology.

Design Star will analyze your home, size the equipment for maximum efficiency, and then show you the payback on your investment based on your local utility energy costs. Take the guesswork out of turning your home into an energy-saving comfort zone with Rheem’s exclusive DesignStar proposal done right in your living room!

At Rheem Pro Partners, we offer quality HVAC system installation services, as our HVAC units are renowned for their excellent quality and efficiency. Contact a neighborhood Rheem Pro Partner contractor to schedule a free consultation.


HVAC systems are no longer a luxury in homes but essential to your health and comfort. The systems must be appropriately installed to regulate the temperature and air quality in the house 24/7. We have spent decades at the forefront of the industry and offer various HVAC units with different installation requirements.

Here are the common types of HVAC units and their installation requirements.


This system consists of an exterior-mounted heat pump and an indoor air handler. It cools or warms the air and can also use a ground source (geothermal). The system removes or adds heat to air before circulating throughout your home via a central blower and a duct or a ductless system.


The name is derived from the separation of indoor and outdoor components. The outside unit houses the air conditioner, while the indoor unit houses the blower that circulates air through ducts and the furnace if your home has central heating.


The mini split system has a similar set-up and, thus, installation requirements as a split system. However, in the mini-split system, each room has its own air handling unit; hence no need for a central network of ducts.


HVAC systems are designed to serve you for a very long time. However, frequent usage increases the risks of mechanical failure or wear and tear. Even when the system is working perfectly, it is still advisable to contact your HVAC contractor for routine checks.

Here are some common issues that can affect HVAC systems that need replacement.


If your furnace or air conditioner isn’t turning on when you want it to, there could be an issue with its thermostat. Check and see that it has a new battery. Some are hard-wired and don’t need batteries set to “heating” or “cooling” and setting an appropriate temperature. If none of these work, it’s time to replace your HVAC system.


If you want to heat your home but get cold air instead, your HVAC system could have issues with the thermostat, registers, or air filter. Contact a certified HVAC professional to install a new system if you experience heating issues.


If your fans are running and your thermostat is adjusted correctly, but you’re still getting warm air when you anticipate cold, your home’s registers may be closed. Check outdoors to ensure the outdoor unit is not covered with weeds or debris. Finally, you may need to change the air filter and let the air conditioner run for many hours. If the air is still not cool, you should consider installing a new system.


Rheem Pro Partners launched DesignStar technology, an HVAC customization tool that enables contractors to interactively “drag and drop” different system components into a customization area, facilitating the creation of customized systems for homeowners.

Individual components offered in this “virtual design studio” include dozens of Rheem air conditioners, furnaces, heat pumps, and package units. We can even incorporate humidifiers, thermostats, and media centers to create an environment of superior home comfort.


Finding the best-personalized HVAC systems can take time and effort. However, at Rheem Pro Partners, we use DesignStar technology to personalize and evaluate new HVAC system installations for your home. We take great pride in our team of contractors and experienced technicians who address your heating, cooling, and ventilation needs.

Contact us today and learn more about our excellent HVAC installation services!

Your new Rheem system may qualify for hundreds, even thousands of dollars in Rheem, energy company and government high efficiency rebate, tax credit and cash back programs.

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