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6 Health Benefits of Electronic Air Cleaners

Are electronic air cleaners really worth the hype? To help you decide, we’ve prepared a guide that explains many of the health benefits of electronic air cleaners.

What is a whole house electronic air cleaner?

An electronic air cleaner takes the place of your standard air filter. Your HVAC system electrically powers the air cleaner, which traps up to 99% of airborne particles and pollutants passing through the overall system. This ensures that the polluted air is disposed of, while fresh air is recirculated through your home.

What are the health benefits of electronic air cleaners?

Whole house electronic air cleaners do the following:

1. Remove allergens from air circulation.

Good indoor air quality is important to the health and comfort of your home. Allergens such as dust and mold can get inside your ductwork, polluting the air being circulated. Electronic air cleaners remove these pollutants, making it easier to breathe and live.

2. Trap smoke, fumes, and chemicals.

Harsh cleaning fumes and gases contribute to poor indoor air quality. An electronic air cleaner will trap and filter those fumes, protecting you from ingesting them.

3. Provide gentle, soothing white noise.

Air cleaners are not loud and obnoxious. They offer peaceful background noise, which can aid in sleep and relaxation.

4. Increase air circulation.

Not only do air cleaners keep dirty air away, they recirculate fresh air. Increased air circulation keeps the inside of your home from becoming stagnant, musty, and a breeding ground for allergens.

5. Lower the risk of long-term health problems.

Even if you don’t notice the indoor air quality affecting your immediate health, it is often causing long-term problems that can’t be seen right away. Breathing in fresh, clean air can keep you from future health problems.

6. Lower the occurrence of asthma triggers.

Dry skin cells, dust, dirt, and other particles can trigger lung problems, including asthma. Since an air purifier removes these pollutants, it lowers the risk of resulting in an asthma attack.

Don’t forget the bonus benefits!

In addition to the impressive health benefits, whole house electronic air cleaners also offer the following:

Improved HVAC system performance.

Exterior pollutants can lead to a number of HVAC problems such as clogged and leaky ductwork. Cycling clean air through your HVAC system will increase its lifespan and help it function more efficiently.

Low maintenance.

Electronic air cleaners only need to be cleaned every 3-6 months, while standard air filters need to be changed every 1-2 months.

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