It’s springtime… and you know what that means! Summer is on the way! Before you know it, you will be wearing short sleeve shirts and sandals. And you will also be reaching for the thermostat so you can flip on your air conditioning system. If all goes well, your air conditioner will turn on correctly and cool your house without any issues. But, there’s a chance you may have to call an air conditioner repair service company at the beginning of this year’s warm season.

When your central air conditioning system does not work, the environment inside of your house can become unbearable very quickly. If you live in a humid climate, there may be very little that you can do to naturally cool your home on a very hot day. But if you live in an area with low or moderate humidity, or an area that cools significantly at night, a whole house fan is something that should be seriously considered.

What is a whole house fan?
A whole house fan is a large fan that is installed on the upper level of your home (usually in an attic). When the power to the fan is turned on, the fan pulls the warm air that has accumulated in your home out of the top level of your house.

Top reasons to consider a whole house fan:

It does not require a significant amount of electricity to run. A whole house fan runs on much less energy than a central air conditioning system.

It is reliable when your air conditioning system is not working properly. If your system is in need of repair, call your air conditioner repair service right away. But in the meantime, a whole house fan can cool your home while you wait.

It works quickly. If you live in a climate that cools at night, a whole house fan will pull cool air into your home when you run the fan with your windows are open. Cool air enters your house quickly, and the entire house will feel cooler within minutes.

It pulls in fresh air from outside. If the air inside of your home seems stuffy or stale, a whole house fan does a great job of expelling old air from your house, and replacing it with fresh outdoor air.

It reduces your reliance on a central air conditioning system. If you live in a climate that experiences cool air during the nighttime hours, you may be able to shut off your central air conditioning system at night and rely solely on your whole house fan for cool air.

It’s environmentally friendly. Nobody expects you to avoid cooling your home during hot summer months just to be environmentally friendly. But if you are concerned that your air conditioning system is using an excessive amount of energy, a whole house fan alleviates this worry. The amount of energy consumed by a whole house fan pales in comparison to a central air conditioning system and even a window air conditioner.

For more information on installing a whole house fan, make sure to call your air conditioner repair service company. Installation is usually not complicated. In fact, some homeowners are able to install a whole house fan without professional assistance.