A/C maintenanceProper A/C maintenance is a vital part of ensuring home comfort during the hot summer months. A failure in your climate control system at the height of summer would be disastrous, leaving your house hot, humid and muggy. The discomfort that comes with such conditions makes life difficult and you will have a hard time getting anything done. In the worst case, such as with the elderly, it could even present a health hazard. So you can see that A/C maintenance is critical, and it’s far better to be proactive and anticipate the possible problems than to have to react to them when things go wrong. As they say, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

The best thing you can do yourself is to do some spring cleaning, removing dust, dirt and anything that might block the A/C equipment like leaves. You should also consider calling in a maintenance expert, who will perform a variety of checks and tune-ups to keep your equipment operating at maximum efficiency. Remember that even if dirt or similar minor issues doesn’t stop the equipment working right away, it will create added stress that results in both lower efficiency and a shorter lifespan for the unit. If you perform this simple A/C maintenance regularly it could add a lot to your equipment’s lifetime, saving you significant money.

Your general overall maintenance routine in the spring should be complimented by regular minor work every few weeks. This is a simple matter that mostly involves a quick vacuuming and either cleaning or replacing the filters, which will otherwise grow less and less efficient as they get dirtier. Whilst doing that you should do a quick visual inspection of the evaporator fins or coils as well, and carefully vacuum them if needed. Finally, make sure the drip pan where condensed water goes has a clear flow and does not smell odd or musty.

If you’d like more information or to schedule professional A/C maintenance please contact Rheem Pro Partner today.

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