a/c maintenanceBefore the advent of cooling season, it’s a good idea for you to perform some A/C maintenance, as well as having a professional HVAC technician go over your system as well. System tune-ups are necessary for the best energy efficiency and to prevent unexpected breakdowns. 

A/C Maintenance You Can Do

Checking the air filter for the air handler and changing it if it’s dirty will improve your system’s operation. A dirty filter cuts down on the air flowing through the air handler, which slows the cooling process. It also can increase the dust load on the equipment, leading to premature mechanical problems.

Removing the dead vegetation around the outdoor condenser will improve its performance, as will gently hosing off the fins and coils inside the condenser. Keeping an eye on the condenser during the cooling season and removing vegetation that builds around it will help the condensing coil dissipate heat faster.

What the Pros Do

Professional HVAC technicians go deeply into your system, restoring it as closely to factory settings as possible by:

For more information about A/C maintenance this spring, contact Rheem Pro Partner, providing HVAC services for the Denver metro area, Colorado Springs, Northern Colorado, along with Cheyenne and Casper, Wyoming.

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