summer a/c operating tips, Colorado and WyomingWhen you reach for the controls on your air conditioner, you expect the system to roar to life and cool your home. If you don’t maintain and operate your A/C correctly, however, it will not run efficiently and may even fail when you need it most. 

Here are five A/C operating tips that will help you keep your air conditioner working efficiently and cost effectively through this summer and many more to come. 

  1. Keep it maintained: Have your system tuned up by an HVAC-system professional at the start of each cooling season. He will change the filter, but check it regularly as the cooling season progresses. As soon as it looks dirty, change it, as a dirty filter impedes airflow and makes your air conditioner work too hard. (If you did not have a tune-up this spring, it’s not too late!)
  2. Provide enough clearance: Your air conditioner’s condenser needs plenty of airflow to run well. Make sure it has at least 2 feet of clearance on all sides. It should also have 5 feet of open space above it. Trim trees, grass and other vegetation away from the unit.
  3. Reduce sources of indoor heat: Close the drapes to keep out sunshine that raises your indoor temperature. Pay particular attention to windows facing south or west, as they get the most sunlight.
  4. Use your A/C and appliances wisely: Keep your thermostat set as close to 78 or 80 as possible. Each degree you raise your thermostat could lower your cooling bills by as much as 5 percent. Use your ceiling and space fans to keep the air circulating. Although fans won’t lower the temperature, they can produce a wind-chill effect, making you feel more comfortable. Additionally, avoid using your range and stove as much as possible.
  5. Reduce indoor humidity: Use a portable dehumidifier or a whole-house dehumidification system to reduce the humidity in your home. Find and seal air leaks that can let moisture inside. By lowering the humidity, you can make your cooling system more effective.


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