Rheem Pro Partner’s Extended Service Protection Plan for Air Conditioner Repair

When you purchase any type of appliance, you may wonder if it makes sense to also purchase a service plan. Normally, extended service agreements for an HVAC system are relatively inexpensive – especially when compared to the potential cost of air conditioner repair. If you are in Centennial, Colorado and you are thinking about looking for Air Conditioner Repair near me, you may be presented with the opportunity to purchase a Protection Plus extended service plan.

When it comes to purchasing an extended service plan on Rheem equipment, it may occur to you that Rheem is an incredibly dependable brand. Problems with Rheem HVAC equipment, especially when the equipment is new and always well-maintained, is not as common as problems that may occur with other HVAC brands. However, there are sometimes situations in which a Protection Plus extended service plan can be very useful.

If you live in Centennial, Colorado, there are several different Protection Plus plans available to you. For additional information on your choices, make sure ask for details from your ac repair technician.

Here is some general information about the available Rheem Protection Plus plans:

Why Purchase Extended Service Protection?
In a nutshell, the main reason to consider purchasing a Protection Plus extended service plan is so that you have peace of mind. When it comes to air conditioning repair in Centennial, nobody wants to pay for expensive ac repairs when parts and labor could have been covered by an affordable protection plan.

Rheem Products are Built With Quality in Mind
Rheem is a well-known, high quality brand that is built to last. Unfortunately, there may come a time in which your Rheem air conditioner needs a repair. When you purchase a Protection Plus extended service plan, you can avoid paying for costly repairs in the event that unexpected ac repair is needed and your regular limited warranty has expired. It can be difficult to budget and plan for unexpected an ac repair, because you never know if a repair will be necessary. With a Protection Plus plan, you never have to worry.

A few more facts about the Protection Plus extended service plan available on Rheem air conditioners: the plan is transferrable (which means for a small fee you can transfer the plan to anyone who buys your home in the future), parts and labor is covered on mechanical and electrical failures, and you can rely on trusted service from a professional contractor if air conditioning repair is ever needed in Centennial, Colorado.


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