Air Quality Can be Improved With the Addition of House Plants

Does the air inside of your home seem musty, smelly or stale? If so, there might be an easy solution to the problem. Instead of rushing to call an air conditioner repair company to help improve your indoor air quality, try shopping for a few house plants. Specific house plants are known to help purify indoor air, and create a healthier indoor environment.

When you are concerned about your own health, and the health of anyone that regularly lives in or visits your home, the condition of your indoor air is a top priority. Breathing indoor air that is polluted can be a health at risk. There is no need to breathe pollutants when simple house plants can easily and silently filter the air.

Central Air Conditioner Repair
If your air conditioner is in need of repair, you may need call an air conditioner repair company to fix the problem. But in the meantime, the addition of house plants can do wonders for your indoor air quality. In fact, it’s smart to keep house plants scattered throughout your home at all times. With a little bit of water and sunshine, many house plants can survive, thrive, and naturally clean your indoor air. And all of this requires minimal effort on your part.

Clean Indoor Air is Important
No matter how hard you try to keep your indoor air clean and pure, it’s practically impossible to keep all outside pollutants from entering your home. Every time you open the front or back door, open a window, or bring items inside of your home, there is a chance that outdoor pollutants will seep inside. Due to the fact that humans spend a great deal of time inside of their home, it is inevitable that you are inadvertently breathing impure air when you are indoors.

House Plants Act as an Air Filter
Similar to an air filter that exists inside of your home’s HVAC system, house plants act as a filtration system. The plants take in carbon dioxide as well as other pollutants that exist in your home’s indoor air. The plants process these substances and convert them into fresh oxygen – which is then expelled back into your home.

Don’t Worry… House Plants are Easy
Owning and taking care of most houseplants is not overly complicated. In fact, taking care of a plant can be easier than maintaining an air conditioner. Make sure to purchase plants for your home that are known to serve as excellent indoor air filters. Place plants strategically around your home – with more in rooms that are used frequently. Make sure to water your house plants on a regular basis, but don’t over water them. Many houseplants require direct sunlight, but some do not. It’s important to check the plant’s instruction label before deciding where to place it.

Here is a list of house plants that are known to help purify indoor air. Some plants included on the list are:

Poor indoor air quality might be a sign that your central air conditioner needs repair. But you may be able to dramatically improve your indoor air quality with the addition of house plants. And besides helping to clean the air, they can also truly add to the decor inside of your home!