An evaporative cooler, which is also commonly referred to as a ‘swamp cooler’ is an excellent alternative to a central air conditioning system or a window air conditioner. But it is a home cooling system that it only optimal in certain types of climates. This is one reason that many people who live in a highly humid climate have never heard of an evaporative cooler. An evaporative cooler works well in a geographic location that experiences very hot temperatures, and also a relatively low outdoor humidity level.

Air Conditioner Repairs vs. Evaporative Cooler Maintenance
When you opt to use an evaporative cooler as your home’s cooling system, you can forget about the need for costly air conditioner repairs. While an evaporative cooler may require tune-ups, service and occasional maintenance, it can provide a homeowner with many benefits. When it comes cooling a home, everyone has the same goal: to create an indoor environment that is fresh and comfortable. But what about energy costs and energy efficiency? There is little debate that an evaporative cooler uses less energy to run than a central air conditioning system, which can result in a lower environmental impact. Additionally, an evaporative cooler is a relatively simple system compared to a central air conditioning unit. Therefore, if an evaporative cooler ever needs maintenance, the cost of service on the system can be less expensive than air conditioner repair.

Benefits of an Evaporative Cooler

How Does an Evaporative Cooler Work?
When an evaporative cooler is turned on, and the windows in a home are either cracked or fully open, the system pulls in dry, hot air. As the air passes over moisture-soaked pads inside of the cooler, the moisture begins to evaporate, which causes the air passing over it to become cool. When the cool air is pushed through the system and into the interior of the home, the cool air pushes the hot indoor air outside through the windows that are open. Essentially, the hot air inside of the home is pushed out by the cool air that is entering by way of the evaporative cooler. As you can see, an evaporative cooler is a relatively simple cooling method.

Large House, Large Evaporative Cooler?
The correct size evaporative cooler for you home depends on the size of your home and how many rooms you want to cool. Many homeowners find that they only need to cool the upper level of their home during the summer because the lower level stays naturally cool without the need for any type of cooling system. Most air conditioner repair companies that are located in hot and non-humid climates are highly knowledgeable about evaporative coolers and are able to answer questions from homeowners interested in learning more about this highly effective type of cooling system. If you live in a dry, non-humid climate and you are in the midst of considering expensive air conditioner repairs, it might be time to consider adding an evaporative cooler to your home. You might be surprised at how effective an evaporative cooler can be at cooling your home on an incredibly hot day!