attic ventilation for a healthy home, Colorado and WyomingBelieve it or not, adequate attic ventilation can make a serious impact on home comfort. There are several aspects to consider when it comes to understanding how ventilation in the upper story of your home matters throughout the year.

Natural Attic Ventilation

Allowing cold air to come into a well-insulated attic through soffit vents is vital to an energy-efficient home. In the winter, keeping your attic cold through ventilation helps prevent ice dams, which can form on the roof when attics are too warm. To ensure proper natural ventilation, make sure you never block vents, which can inhibit airflow. Proper insulation and sealing air leaks will protect your home from the cold while allowing the attic to remain at the appropriate temperature to avoid roof damage and mold and mildew from moisture buildup.

Attic Fan Ventilation

Attic fans do a great job of cooling off the upper space in the hotter months. As it runs, the attic fan pulls cooler outdoor air in through the attic vents while simultaneously displacing the hot attic air outside. Using an attic fan during hot weather can reduce the effect of radiant heating on your home, resulting in less A/C usage and lower energy bills.

DIY Insulation

Of course attic ventilation throughout the year only works if the attic itself is properly insulated. Without effective attic insulation, air leaks can suck the conditioned air out of your house. Check your home’s insulation levels, particularly in the attic. If they’re lacking, add a layer of fiberglass batting to protect your interior from radiant heat and energy loss.

Having proper airflow to your attic can drastically change the temperature of the whole house. Keeping the air moving at all times throughout the year will help to keep it cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

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