If you have dry skin, you might want to blame the problem on your central air conditioning system. Your dry skin may or may not be a result of your central air conditioner. Dry skin during the summertime may be caused by low humidity in your home or office building. If you believe your dry skin is a result of your air conditioning system, make sure to visit your doctor for a full medical evaluation.

A central air conditioning system is designed to remove the humidity from the air inside of your home. But an air conditioning system does not remove one hundred percent of the humidity from a building. So, before you call a Denver air conditioning repair company for emergency air conditioner repair, make sure to manually check the humidity level in your home. If it is unusually high or low, the situation might warrant a visit from a central air conditioner repair company.

Problems can arise when the humidity inside of a home or building is either too high or too low. For example, low humidity can cause the people living or working in the home or building to develop dry skin or other health issues. Low humidity can also be bad for hardwood floors, have a negative effect on furniture made of certain materials, and it can cause general discomfort. A home or building with a high humidity level can cause mold to grow on walls, clothes and furniture. It can also cause the home to smell bad can cause draw bugs and pests inside of the building.

If you think your home has a humidity level that is either too high or too low, try the following:

Test the humidity level. There are instruments available that can test the humidity level in your home. You may be able to purchase a humidity monitor at a local hardware store, or you can call Rheem Pro Partner for a professional evaluation by a central air conditioner repair company.

Use a dehumidifier. If the humidity in your home is too high, a dehumidifier can help remove the humidity from the air and make the interior of the home or building more comfortable.

Use a humidifier. In situations in which the humidity level is too low, a humidifier can add humidity to the air. This can help solve the problem of dry skin. A humidifier can be portable and serve one room at a time. Or, a whole house humidifier can be installed and utilized when it’s needed.

In many cases, dry air is a problem in homes or buildings during the wintertime, not during the summertime. If you are experiencing dry skin during the summer, and you believe the problem is being caused by your central air conditioning system, make sure to schedule an appointment with your doctor to get confirmation that the air conditioning is the source of the problem. If it is, make sure to contact a Denver air conditioning repair company, such as Rheem Pro Partner, for an evaluation and necessary repairs. There is no need to live with dry skin caused by your HVAC system when there are methods that can alleviate the dry air in your home.