If your home does not have any type of cooling system, chances are you wish it did when the hottest days of summer are in full swing. While it’s possible to survive in a non-air conditioned home or building, the heat (especially in a humid climate) can potentially reach an unbearable level. If you are anticipating a very warm upcoming summer, you might be weighing the benefits of a central air conditioning system versus one or more window air conditioners.

Do window air conditioners work?
Window air conditioners certainly work. But they are often not the air conditioning system of choice for homeowners that want to cool an entire house rather than just one room. A window air conditioner can be installed in every room of a house, but they take up window space and they are often louder than a central air conditioning system. Additionally, running more than one window air conditioner at the same time might prove to be more costly than running a central air conditioning system that is designed to cool many rooms at the same time.

If you are considering adding a cooling system to your home or building, make sure to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of the cooling system choices.

Pros and Cons of a Window Air Conditioner:

Pro: A window air conditioner does an excellent job or removing excessive humidity from a room.

Con: Window air conditioners are not aesthetically pleasing. In fact, some neighborhoods with strict homeowners association policies may not allow window air conditioners.

Pro: Window air conditioners can be used when they are needed, and shut off when they are not needed. It’s simple and easy to operate a window air conditioner.

Con: Multiple window air conditioners can use a significant amount of energy – possibly more than a central air conditioning system.

Pro: It’s possible to efficiently cool just one room or one section of a house or building with a window air conditioner.

Con: A window air conditioner does not necessarily have a precise thermostat, and can sometimes over-cool a room.

Pro: It is less expensive to purchase a window air conditioner than a central air conditioning system.

Con: The cool air a window air conditioner produces can only travel so far, which means cool air might not reach certain rooms in your house or building.

The decision on whether to choose a window air conditioner or a central air conditioning system for your home or building depends on several factors. If you are considering the purchase and installation of either type of system, make sure to call a reputable air conditioner repair company for advice and guidance.

No matter which system you ultimately choose, make sure to have the name and contact information of a window air conditioner repair company and/or a central air conditioner repair company on hand in case your system breaks or does not seem to be functioning properly. The last thing you want is to be without a cooling system on a hot summer’s day!