The size, shape and location of your home can affect how well your central air conditioning system cools your home during the summer. Other factors can also contribute to the temperature inside of your home on a hot day. For example, a home that faces west and doesn’t have any large trees that provide shade in the front yard can get hotter in the afternoon than a house that faces north. Windows and doors that are not properly insulated can also contribute to the indoor temperature of your home. A home that is not properly insulated will not retain the cool air produced by a central air conditioning system as well as a house that is well-insulated.

If you are considering installing a new air conditioner or you would like to figure out why your current air conditioning system is not working as well as you think it should, call a Parker, CO ac repair company for an evaluation. There are many factors to consider, and professional air conditioner installers will do an excellent job of looking at your home and providing you with useful information that you can use for guidance.

Following are some of the most common issues that can influence the correct size air conditioning system that should be installed in your home. These issues can also be taken into consideration when trying to determine the best method for cooling your home on the hottest summer days.

The size of your home. The size of your home will affect the type and size air conditioning system that will work best. Installing an air conditioner requires the evaluation of the size of your home, the number of floors in your home, and the direction your home faces (e.g. north, south, east or west).

The number of windows in your home. Windows provide access to sunlight, which can be highly beneficial. Windows can also be opened to allow for fresh air inside of your home. If windows are strategically placed in your home, they can be used to create a cross breeze. Additionally, opening a window while running a whole house fan is helpful in a non-humid climate. But windows that are not properly sealed can cause heat to enter your home, and windows that are not covered by shades during the day can also cause rooms in your home to get very hot.

The ductwork in your home. If you live in a very old home, the house might not be equipped with proper duct work. Some old homes do not even have air ducts that will support a central air conditioning system. Newer homes typically have the right kind of air ducts, but the ducts might not be sealed correctly. A Parker, CO ac repair company can evaluate the ductwork in your home and provide you with professional advice on installing an air conditioner in your home based on your current situation. If you don’t have appropriate duct work, an air conditioner installer will let you know if it’s possible to put in the required air ducts.

When it comes to central air conditioning, the most important thing is that you have the right size and type of air conditioning system for your specific home. Rheem Pro Partner, a Parker, CO ac repair company, is a happy to visit your home and provide you with expert advice on air conditioner installation and repair.