ceiling fans, Denver, ColoradoBoosting the comfort in your home may not require anything as drastic as buying a new air conditioner. In many cases, the combined effect of your air conditioner and one or more ceiling fans can make your living environment more comfortable. In fact, the cooling’s better when you use your ceiling fans and your air conditioner together.

Ceiling fans significantly improve the distribution and circulation of air in your home. When air currents from a fan pass over your skin, they create a windchill effect, evaporating the moisture on your skin and making you feel cooler. It’s similar to the way a refreshing outdoor breeze cools you on a hot summer day. The breeze from a ceiling fan can make you feel about four degrees cooler than the actual temperature of the room. This means you can turn up the temperature of your air conditioner and save energy without losing any comfort.

When you buy your ceiling fans, pay attention the dimensions of your rooms. Fans that are 35 to 44 inches in diameter work well in rooms that are up to 225 square feet. Bigger rooms need larger fans that are 52 inches in diameter or more. In rooms that are longer than 18 feet, you may need more than one ceiling fan. And remember, bigger blades provide more air movement. Ask your trusted HVAC contractor for advice.

Remember to provide plenty of space for safe and effective fan operation. Fans should be used only in rooms with 8-foot or higher ceilings. Blades should be at least 7 to 9 feet above the floor, and they should be about about a foot below the ceiling. Fan blades need at least 18 inches of clearance between their tips and the walls.

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