changing your air filters regularly has benefits, Colorado and WyomingEvery day millions of dust and other types of particles enter a home and negatively affect the quality of the indoor air you and your family breathe. These particles range from mildly irritating dust and pollen to harmful smoke and viruses. There are many ways you can clean your indoor air, but the easiest is changing air filters regularly. A clean high-efficiency air filter will efficiently remove particles that cause allergies and/or carry mold and bacteria.

An air filter is an important part of your home’s heating and cooling system. The right type of air filter will remove pollen, dust, pet dander, smoke and mold spores from indoor air. Check the packaging, or consult with your local HVAC professional, to make sure your air filter is the type that will remove allergens and other small particles. Changing air filters regularly helps improve indoor air quality, extend the life span of your heating and cooling system, and decrease your energy usage.

By changing air filters regularly, you will see these benefits:


If you have questions about how to change or choose your air filter or would like to know more about energy-saving options, contact Rheem Pro Partner, a network of contractors in Colorado and Wyoming.

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