nate-certified technician, Colorado Springs, ColoradoIf trying to choose an HVAC contractor has gotten the best of your nerves, there’s an easy remedy: Look for a company that employs technicians who have earned NATE certification. You’ll be glad you did. NATE-certified technicians have proven their expertise and skill in the industry; they meet high standards for customer service as well.

NATE stands for North American Technician Excellence; NATE is the nation’s largest nonprofit testing organization serving the HVAC industry. NATE-certified technicians have passed a series of rigorous tests to demonstrate their professional mettle.

In addition to testing, the NATE certifying board places a high premium on hands-on industry experience. NATE-certified technicians must have some formal training provided by their employer or a technical school. Aspirants must show:


While their knowledge and experience are impressive, NATE technicians are also known for delivering a high level of customer service. In fact, a customer satisfaction survey by NATE’s nonprofit certification group shows that nearly 85 percent of customers served by a NATE technician said they would select the “same contractor” again. The NATE difference also was evident when 68 percent of customers said they were “extremely satisfied” with their NATE-certified technician. The difference really showed among customers whose HVAC systems were serviced by non-NATE-certified technicians; only 44 percent expressed satisfaction with their contractor.

NATE-certified technicians are known to provide better, faster and more efficient service. They require far fewer callbacks than technicians who are not certified. And with Rheem Pro Partner, NATE technicians guarantee customers will be 100 percent satisfied with their work.

Contact a member of Rheem Pro Partner today to provide preventive maintenance service, make repairs or help you choose new and efficient HVAC equipment for your home. Rheem Pro Partner contractors show customers in Wyoming and Colorado, including Colorado Springs, the NATE difference every day.

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