Are you planning to build an addition on your house? Or are you going to pop the top of your home? If so, you are probably in the midst of figuring out exactly how much space to add and how much the project will cost. Adding square footage to a home is a great way to create more living space and also increase your home’s value.

Adding square footage to your home can be an exciting experience. Not only will your home be bigger once the project is complete, but you will also have the opportunity to design the new room(s) the way you want. The most difficult aspect of adding to your home is understanding all of the small details that are involved with a home construction project. For example, have you thought about air conditioner installation? Or how the addition will be heated during the winter and cooled during the summer?

Anyone contemplating a home addition should make an appointment with a Denver air conditioning repair company before the project is set to begin. It’s important to learn whether your current HVAC system is the right size to support additional square footage, or whether you should consider purchasing a new system. If you must opt for a new system, air conditioner installation can add to the overall cost of your project – so it’s important to add the expense into your construction budget.

Before construction on your home addition begins, make sure to discuss the following with a Denver air conditioning repair company:

Can your current air conditioning system handle the extra square footage? If your addition is just one small room, your current air conditioning and heating system might do just fine. But if you are popping the top of your home and adding an entire second or third floor to your home, your current system might not be able to effectively heat or cool the new area. Making sure you have the right size air conditioner is important.

What type of windows will be added to the addition? Most home additions include at least one window. Make sure to choose energy efficient windows. Additionally, your window installer should ensure the windows are properly sealed so that air leaks can be prevented.

How well will the new room(s) be insulated? Properly insulating your home is the key to energy efficiency and the ability to keep your home at a desirable temperature. It’s essential that your home addition includes adequate insulation.

Depending on your unique situation and the design of your home addition, you may or may not be able to rely on your current air conditioning and heating system to deliver air to the new room(s). A Denver air conditioner repair company, like as Rheem Pro Partner, is highly skilled at air conditioner installation and assisting homeowners with all issues related to heating and cooling a home. Give Rheem Pro Partner a call to schedule an appointment for an evaluation prior to the start of your home construction project. We will provide you with advice and guidance on the best way to add heating, cooling and ventilation to your new room(s).