Benefits of zoning systems, Colorado and WyomingDad is in the kitchen cooking dinner; he’s too hot. Mom and brother are in the den playing a video game; they’re too cold. Sister is in her room reading a book, and the temperature in her room is perfect. It’s a common scenario. The thermostat is set to keep your home comfortable but some rooms feel too warm while others feel too cool. The temperature inside your home isn’t just controlled by your heating and cooling system. Sun exposure, window size, open areas, multiple house levels and other factors all affect the temperature of a home.

If inconsistent temperature levels are a problem, consider the benefits of adding a zoned temperature control system to your heating and cooling system. Zoning systems use multiple thermostats to maintain different temperatures in different rooms. Each room is controlled independently, and the right amount of air is circulated through the room to maintain the selected temperature.

Keep your home comfortable

With a single thermostat control for an entire home, some rooms, such as basements or top floors, are hard to keep comfortable. Factors such as sun exposure and high ceilings also affect the temperature. A single thermostat cannot control an entire house with its varied environments. Zoning systems regulate room temperature based on temperature changes in that zone.

Provide energy efficiency

Zoning systems increase the efficiency of heating and cooling systems because you can turn down the heat or cooling for unused rooms, or else turn it off entirely. Zoning systems can also extend the life of a heating and cooling system, since it’s not working so hard to condition empty rooms.

Make life easier

Each room in a zoning system is independently controlled by a thermostat located in that room. You don’t have to go to the living room to change the temperature in the bedrooms. Changing the temperature in one room does not affect the temperature in other rooms. In some zoning systems, you can control the temperatures throughout the home from one central control panel.

There are many more benefits to zoning systems. For assistance improving your home’s heating and cooling system, contact Rheem Pro Partner, leaders in providing home comfort in the Denver Metro area and other parts of Colorado andWyoming.