carbon monoxide detectors, Denver, ColoradoYou’ve gotten the memo. You know that when it’s time to change the clocks in the spring and fall, it’s also time to check the smoke detectors. But when was the last time you checked your carbon monoxide detectors?

Your life could depend on it, and this is no overstatement. Carbon monoxide — a silent and odorless gas — claims the lives of about 500 Americans yearly, according to the International Association of Fire Chiefs. Most of these people either didn’t have carbon monoxide detectors, or if they did, the detectors weren’t working.

To prevent such a tragedy, regularly inspect every detector in your home. First, make sure it is plugged in or connected to a power source. Then depress the “test” button, and wait for the alarm to go off. If your carbon monoxide detector is paired with a smoke detector, check the batteries regularly. After a few months, batteries lose power.

Add to your peace of mind by ensuring that your detectors are where they should be. The IAFC recommends one CO detector on every level of a home, including the basement. Another detector should be in the garage, and this is especially important, because CO naturally flows from car exhaust and gas-powered tools.

Gas furnaces, stoves, dryers, space heaters, fireplaces and water heaters also emit CO, so be sure that your detectors are at least 15 feet away from these units. The detectors should be the same distance from very humid areas in your home, such as bathrooms.

Finally, position one CO detector no more than 10 feet from the master bedroom so the first responder in your family can hear it, even in the throes of deep sleep, and direct everyone else to safety.

If you’re in doubt about the functionality of your carbon monoxide detectors, don’t hesitate to call the Rheem Pro Partner. We’re here to keep you safe and free from worry. Rheem Pro Partner members are in several cities. In Colorado: Denver, Aurora, Castle Rock, Longmont, Broomfield, Colorado Springs and Greeley. In Wyoming: Casper and Cheyenne.

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