ductless mini split installationDeciding to install a ductless mini split installation is a smart choice for your northern Colorado home. It provides many benefits over traditional ductwork, with the most desirable aspect being the ability to cool and warm your home without running ducts throughout the house. They’re the ideal solution for homeowners looking to replace outdated and inefficient window air conditioning units and baseboard electric heaters with an energy-efficient system.

Unfortunately, some people decide to try to tackle the ductless mini split installation themselves. While this may seem like a way to save money, you could actually cause more harm than good. Instead, call a professional HVAC company to properly install your new heating and cooling system.

There are some steps that homeowners can do themselves to help prepare the home for ductless mini split installation. Tasks like drilling the holes in the wall where the indoor unit will hang, running the copper lines and connections, placing the outdoor unit on the flat surface where it will sit are a few such steps you can do without the help of a pro.

The more challenging aspects of the installation should be left to a HVAC contractor. They have the tools and knowledge to safely perform the installation. Setting gauges, vacuuming the lines, releasing the refrigerant and testing for leaks are just a few of the steps that can’t be completed by the homeowner.

Unfortunately, some retailers try to pass off their ductless mini split installation as something that any consumer can do without the help of a pro. This could leave you with an expensive repair bill. For example, without professional installation, you can’t accurately test for leaks in the copper lines, which can lead to a cooling system malfunctioning. Hiring a professional to perform the installation gives homeowners peace of mind about these potential disasters.

For more information about ductless mini split installation, contact the experts at the Rheem Pro Partner. We’re the home comfort professionals who have proudly served the Denver metro area, as well as Colorado Springs and northern Colorado since 1992.

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