energy tax credits-home savings-Colorado and WyomingReplacing your old furnace or A/C unit doesn’t have to be as painful as it may appear.

Federal energy tax credits, available until the end of 2013, offer you the opportunity to recoup some savings when replacing a unit that’s on its last legs with a new, energy-efficient model.

Along with saving money through the tax credit, high efficiency units provide long-term savings on energy bills, as well as features that will keep the air in your home comfortable and clean. Rheem Pro Partner, serving the greater Denver and Wyoming area, offers a wide variety of products to meet your needs in a number of ways.

For professional advice on how to equip your home with heating and cooling systems that offer high efficiency, low maintenance and tax advantage of energy tax credits, please contact the Rheem Pro Partner. We’ve been serving the greater Denver and Wyoming area since 1992.

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