Getting to Know Your Denver, CO Heating and Cooling System

It’s important that you get to know your heating and cooling system a little bit better. If the only thing you know about your HVAC system is that the “cool” button makes cold air come out of it, and the “heat” button causes it produce warm air, then you might want to spend some time talking with your Denver, CO HVAC technician the next time you have a scheduled maintenance visit. The more you know about your heating and cooling system, the better equipped you will be to handle potential problems that may arise in the future.

Learning more about the following aspects of your heating and cooling system can be beneficial:

The thermostat. Believe it or not, there is much more to an HVAC thermostat than an on and off switch. Many of today’s modern heating and cooling thermostats are programmable. A programmable thermostat can be very useful in Denver, CO. The temperature in Colorado can vary greatly between day and night hours. During the summer in Denver, CO, a constant flow of cold air through your air vents might be necessary for comfort. But at night, you might not need such a cool temperature setting. If you know how to program your thermostat, your system can be set at a certain temperature during the day, and a different temperature at night. This can result in greater comfort as well as energy savings.

The air filter. Many homeowners who do not know their heating and cooling system very well are completely unaware that the system’s air filter should be changed on a regular basis. A clean air filter is essential to promoting the efficiency of your HVAC system in Denver, CO. Additionally, a clean air filter allows your HVAC system to effectively clean and filter the air that passes through it. This can promote a healthier indoor environment.

The vents. Your home’s air vents play a vital role in the distribution of hot or cold air into the rooms of your home. If air vents are closed or blocked, the air flow can be disrupted. This can result in a heating and cooling system that is not able to do its job effectively. By simply learning more about the effect of closed or blocked air vents can have on your HVAC system, you can easily create a more comfortable indoor living environment in your home.

The type of heating and cooling system. If your home is in Denver, CO, it may have one of several types of HVAC systems. Many of Denver’s oldest homes are equipped with heating and cooling systems that are very different from the system’s that exist in the area’s newest homes. The next time you have a Denver HVAC company at your home for a maintenance call or a service appointment, make sure to ask questions about your specific system and the best way for you to maintain it for the highest level of efficiency.