heat pump, Denver, ColoradoAre you looking for an energy efficient way to heat and cool your Denver area home? A heat pump may address your indoor air comfort needs.

A heat pump is an energy efficient way of both heating and cooling your home using electricity. The heat pump functions similarly to a refrigerator — heat is moved from a cool space to a warm space. In cold weather, heat is extracted from the outside air and brought inside the home. In warm weather, heat is removed from the indoor air and deposited outside, resulting in indoor cooling.

The system functions by moving rather than generating heat. Because of this, heat pumps can generate as much as three times more energy than they use for heating. And for cooling, air-source heat pumps rival the efficiency of high-efficiency air conditioners.

Types of Heat Pumps


A qualified HVAC technician can review your indoor comfort needs to help you determine if a heat pump is right for you. For more information about heat pumps or to find a qualified HVAC contractor in your area, contact Rheem Pro Partner today.

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