heat pump maintenance, Denver,  ColoradoHeat pump maintenance is essential to keeping the system working efficiently. By attending to regular maintenance, you can be more confident that your heat pump will work when you need it and will operate at a lower cost.

Keep it clean

Check air filters once a month and either clean them or change them when they get dirty. Dirty filters make the pump work harder and reduce the airflow through the system.

Also clean the outside coils and fan, as well as the indoor registers, when you notice dust and dirt.

Provide room around the heat pump

Heat pump maintenance also entails keeping vegetation away from the outdoor unit. Keep all grass mown low, and cut away any bushes or vines that can grow up around the pump and block the air circulation.

Schedule a professional for heat pump maintenance

At least once a year, hire a professional HVAC company to perform a maintenance check. The qualified technician will inspect all areas of the heat pump for obstructions or damage, including the ductwork, indoor coils and blower. He or she can also check for and repair any leaks.

At the same time, the tech will check the refrigerant to ensure it’s at the proper level and check the belts to see if they are worn or loose. In addition, he or she can look at your thermostat to make sure it’s also working correctly.

By following needed heat pump maintenance on your unit, you can keep it working efficiently with less power and fewer issues. And if any issues are detected, they can be resolved before the unit stops working.

For more information about heat pump maintenance, contact Rheem Pro Partner. We can help you keep your cool this summer.

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