There is nothing more annoying this time of year than the snap, crackle, and pop caused by static electricity. In addition to the obvious comfort benefits, which we will discuss later, did you know that proper humidification can save you money on your utility bill? Even though the outdoor air may be plenty humid, when the indoor air is pulled through your furnace and heated the humidity level may drop to as low as 15% – drier than the Sahara Dessert! When air is dry, moisture is drawn from your skin which in turn allows heat to escape from your body. If you maintain an ideal indoor humidity level between 45-65%, because humid air feels warmer, you can turn your thermostat down a couple of degrees and save up to 5% on your utility bill! Not only does low humidity cause you to feel colder, but it could also trigger a myriad of comfort and health concerns.
Studies show that the body’s immune system functions better when your home’s relative humidity is in the ideal range. While enduring the uncomfortable effects of low humidity, such as dry mouth, throat, skin and chapped lips, real health issues can be triggered. People who suffer from sinus and respiratory problems can become more acute, but can often be alleviated with proper humidification and improved even more when combined with air filtration and ventilation.
Ask your Rheem Pro Partner contractor about how Aprilaire and Honeywell humidifiers and filtration systems can work together to make your home more efficient and comfortable.