indoor air quality equipment, Denver, ColoradoWhen the outdoor temperature gets uncomfortably hot or cold, it’s likely that you spend more time inside. Unfortunately, spending time in your home often means breathing air that’s more polluted than what’s outside. Dust, pet dander, mold and vapors from cleaning supplies all affect your indoor air. Pollen and other contaminants that family members track into your home on their shoes further contaminate your indoor air.

Indoor air quality equipment can help you keep the air in your home as healthy as possible, which is especially important if any family members have respiratory issues. Three basic types of equipment are:

The indoor air quality equipment you buy should have three numbers indicating the unit’s clean-air delivery rate. The numbers relate to the volume of filtered air delivered by the system. Higher CADR numbers indicate a faster rate of air filtration. For a 120-square-foot room, you should use air-quality equipment with a CADR of 80.

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