Thinking about investing in a new central air conditioning system? A brand new HVAC system is a significant investment. So, you want to make sure to purchase a system that is built to last a while. You may be wondering exactly how long a central air conditioner is supposed to last – assuming it is maintained properly over the years. In general, a well-maintained central air conditioning system usually lasts for approximately 15 years. But, in some cases, it can last longer.

How to Prolong the Life of Your New Central Air Conditioning System
One of the most important things you can do is take the advice of your air conditioner repair service company regarding maintenance of your brand new air conditioning system. Adhere to the recommended tune-up schedule, and have your air conditioner cleaned and serviced every year. Not only can diligence help eliminate the need for emergency air conditioner repair, but keeping your system in good shape can prolong its life.

Additionally, follow these tips to maintain an air conditioning system that works well for many years to come:

Purchase the right size air conditioning system for the size of your home. If your air conditioner repair company advises you that a certain size system will work best for your home, believe them. You might initially think that the biggest system available will do the best job cooling your home, but air conditioning units that are too big for the size of a home will not last as long as a system that is the correct size.

Choose an air conditioning system that has a good reputation. Your air conditioner repair service company should provide you with expert guidance on which brand and model air conditioner unit you should purchase for your home. Rheem air conditioning systems are always a top choice. Make sure to discuss the pros and cons of each available model.

Use an air conditioner repair company you trust to install your system. Proper installation of an air conditioning system is imperative. When a system is installed properly, it will function correctly – which will result in a system that is set up to have a long and productive life.

Consider the climate in which you live before selecting a new air conditioning system. If you live in a hot and humid climate, you may require an air conditioning system that is different from what you’d need in a dry climate that is only hot a few months each year. Your air conditioner repair company will advise you on which air conditioning system will function the best in your specific geographic area.

The best defense against having to replace your air conditioning system sooner than necessary is to keep it maintained. Regular service is key! If you neglect your system, it won’t perform as well as possible. This can lead to the early demise of your unit, and the need to replace it earlier than you expected. Contact your air conditioner repair company today for guidance and advice on which air conditioner to purchase for the best chance of longevity.


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