If you want to avoid the need for emergency furnace repairs, the best thing you can do is keep your furnace in good condition. Keeping your furnace healthy is not difficult, and will give you the best shot at ensuring your furnace functions properly during the entire winter season.

Avoid furnace breakdowns by following these tips:

Adhere to a regular furnace maintenance schedule. Keeping your furnace in the best condition possible requires regular maintenance. At least once a year, make sure to hire a professional HVAC technician to visit your home and inspect your furnace. The technician should clean the furnace and coils, and look for any potential problems. Depending on the age, make and model of the furnace in your home, more frequent routine service calls might be necessary. Many HVAC companies offer reasonable maintenance packages. If you keep your furnace maintained, the likelihood of needing emergency furnace repair services will be low.

Don’t store items too close to your furnace. Your furnace requires adequate air flow to function properly. When items are packed around your furnace, they take up space, and contribute to restricted air flow. This can require the furnace to work harder – and thus puts it at an increased risk for problems.

Always change your furnace’s filters. Most furnace repair companies suggest that homeowners change their furnace air filters every month – especially during the winter. Changing a furnace air filter is simple, easy, and quick. Most people are able to change their furnace filter without assistance from an HVAC technician. Filters are inexpensive and readily available at hardware stores.

Never ignore small furnace problems. One of the best ways to guarantee that you will need emergency furnace repair in the near future is to ignore small furnace problems. If you know that something minor is wrong with your furnace, get it fixed immediately. Small problems have a way of developing into big, expensive problems if they are ignored for too long.

Avoid trying to repair complicated issues with your furnace on your own. If something is wrong with your furnace, call a professional furnace repair company for help. Unless you are experienced at repairing furnaces, attempting to fix problems on your own can lead to additional problems. It’s best to call a professional when emergencies with your furnace arise – so the problem can be resolved immediately and correctly from the beginning.

Find a trustworthy emergency furnace repair company before you actually need it. If you wait until an emergency to arise with your furnace, you will be stuck using any furnace repair company that you can find on a last-minute basis. Using a company you don’t know or trust can lead to problems. Therefore, it’s important to find a furnace repair company now, and have their name and contact number on file in case you have a need for emergency furnace repair services in the future.