If you are looking for a furnace repair company, you are undoubtedly looking for one that’s honest. When it comes to furnace repair service or emergency furnace repair, the last thing you want to do is hire a company that will overcharge you. When looking for a new furnace repair company, there are several things to evaluate before settling on a company to hire. Even if you are in need of emergency furnace repairs, it’s important to remember that some furnace repair companies will serve you better than others.

Following are a few questions to ask yourself before choosing a furnace repair company:

Does the furnace repair company you are considering come recommended? You might have received the name of a furnace repair company through a friend, co-worker or family member. If you have a personal recommendation from someone, that is an excellent testimonial. But if you don’t have a personal recommendation, how will you know which furnace repair company is honest and trustworthy? If the company has a website, make sure it looks professional and contains ample information. A company that takes time to ensure its website provides useful information is generally one that cares about customer service.

Does the company charge exorbitant fees for emergency furnace repair services? The last thing you need or want when your furnace stops working on the coldest day of the year is a furnace repair company that charges an extra fee for emergency service. There are plenty of furnace repair service companies that do not gouge customers when they are desperate. Make sure to use a company that seems honest and fair.

Are you leaning toward the least expensive furnace repair company because you think it will save you money? It’s always important to keep this old adage in mind: You Get What You Pay For. If you are able to locate a furnace repair company that quotes you significantly less than all other companies for the same service, BEWARE! First, they might not actually provide you with the same service as the others, and second, the company might attempt to charge you additional fees before they finish the work.

Does the company refuse to give you a written quote for furnace repair services? The unwillingness to give a written quote is always a red flag. Without something in writing, you are leaving yourself liable for additional charges that were never discussed.

Is the furnace repair company that you called trying to talk you into emergency furnace repair services over the phone without looking at your furnace in person? It can be extremely difficult to diagnose furnace problems without seeing the furnace in person. If a furnace repair company tells you on the phone that your furnace is broken beyond repair without ever looking at it, you might want to get a second opinion!

When it comes to selecting a furnace repair company, it can be helpful to go with your gut instinct. If your initial thought is that the company seems dishonest, it probably is.