The air quality inside of your home is important. Excellent indoor air quality can promote a healthy lifestyle. When your indoor air is polluted, health issues can develop. Many people believe that since they cannot see pollutants in their indoor air, the air must be clean. However, indoor air can carry particles that are invisible to the human eye, but can be unhealthy for a person’s lungs.

If you regularly utilize your home’s central air conditioning system, the system hopefully does a good job of filtering your indoor air. If your system is in need of air conditioner repair service, make sure to call a company that will restore your system to good working order.

Besides relying on your air conditioning system to help purify your indoor air, here are a few other ideas on how to improve the quality of your indoor environment:

Install a whole house humidifier. Adding a whole house humidifier is a great way to ensure your home is at an optimal humidity level at all times. Whole house humidifiers are not effective in all climates, but they work very well in many parts of the country. When a home’s indoor air is kept at an optimal level, the air is less dusty.

Replace your HVAC system’s air filter on a regular basis. If you do not regularly replace your HVAC system’s air filter, the filter is probably too dirty to catch particles that circulate through the system when it is running. For more information on how and when to replace your system’s air filter, make sure to ask your air conditioner repair company for advice. In general, air filters should be changed once a month for HVAC systems that run frequently. In some cases, air filters should be changed every two or three months.

Clean, dust and vacuum your house regularly – especially if you have pets. The last thing you want floating through the air inside of your home are dust mites, hair, skin dander, and other particles that are known to cause allergic reactions and breathing problems in people. Cleaning your home regularly is essential to promoting a healthy interior environment.

Make sure your HVAC system is serviced regularly. Schedule an appointment with an air conditioner repair service company at least once a year. Have your HVAC system thoroughly cleaned and serviced. This will help your system function more efficiently, which should result in cleaner air inside of your home.

Have your air ducts cleaned. The air ducts in your home can collect dust and other types of small debris. Every time air is forced through the ducts when your heating system or air conditioning system runs, those particles are stirred up and pushed through your air vents. This can lead to polluted indoor air.

Remember: Pollution exists in outdoor air and indoor air. For more information on how to purify the air that exists inside of your home, ask your air conditioner repair company for advice on how to create an indoor environment that promotes healthy air.