If your air conditioning is running, but cool air is not coming out of some or all of your air vents, something might be wrong with your air ducts. Air ducts carry cool air from your air conditioning system into each room in your house. Ductwork is typically not visible because it exists under your floors, above your ceilings and inside of your walls. The air carried through the air ducts is released into the rooms inside of your home through air vents.

When your central air conditioning system is not working properly, a Denver HVAC contractor can evaluate your air ducts to determine if they are the source of the problem. It’s not always easy to check air ducts because they are hidden. But if your air conditioning system is not working properly and you think you need emergency air conditioner repair, all aspects of your HVAC system should be evaluated.

There are signs that there might be something wrong with your air ducts, including the following:

Some rooms get cool when the air conditioning is running, and others do not. If one or two rooms in your home are always hotter than the rest of the house when the air conditioning is running, the problem might be with the duct work that leads to those rooms.

Certain rooms in your home tend to feel more stuffy or humid than others. When one or more rooms does not receive adequate air flow from your home’s central air conditioning system, some rooms can feel damp, humid, warm and uncomfortable.

Your monthly energy bill is consistently higher during the hottest months of the year. If you crank down the thermostat because your home is hot, but you have shoddy ductwork, your central air conditioning system cannot function efficiently. This can result in higher than normal energy bills.

Air ducts play a very important role in transporting cool air throughout your home when your air conditioner is running. If certain rooms in your home do not get cool when your air conditioner is running, you might need central air conditioner repairs. But there might not be anything wrong with your air conditioner unit at all! The problem might be related to your air ducts, and not the system itself.

It’s entirely possible that a section of your home’s ductwork is leaking air. This can be caused by a torn or crushed air duct. When an air duct has a hole or crack, the cool air being transported through the duct leaks into the walls, ceiling or floor and never makes it to its intended destination.

It’s very important that air ducts remain clean and in good condition. If they are not able to effectively deliver cool air to the various rooms in your home, you may spend quite a bit of money on air conditioner bills – but not have the benefit of a cool and comfortable home.

If you suspect that there might be something wrong with your home’s ductwork, schedule an appointment with a Denver HVAC contractor today. Rheem Pro Partner will look at your home’s air ducts and determine if the ductwork is in need of repair or replacement.