hvac warranties, Colorado and WyomingInvesting in new HVAC equipment can pay huge dividends in energy efficiency and ongoing savings. With heating and cooling equipment routinely costing thousands of dollars, you can protect your investment by taking advantage of warranties offered by the manufacturer and seller.

Individual manufacturers offer warranties specific to their lines of HVAC products and equipment, usually with a set of clearly stated conditions and restrictions. In general, warranties guarantee that the equipment you buy will work as described by the manufacturer for a specified period of time.

Warranties protect you from equipment that is damaged or defective and doesn’t function as it should, ensuring that if the product fails or malfunctions, it will be repaired or replaced. In many cases, warranties for HVAC equipment can be transferred to the new owners of your home, should you sell it.

Warranties most often cover two things:

  1. Parts: Larger durable parts should be covered. Parts that are commonly covered under a warranty include the compressor, the heat exchanger and the blower. Consumable parts such as the filter generally aren’t covered.
  2. Labor: The labor costs involved in replacing or repairing HVAC equipment can be considerable, so a reliable warranty should also cover the cost of fixing defective products. There may be restrictions on when and under what circumstances repairs are covered.

Extended warranties add time and coverage to the warranty conditions. These are usually made available when you get your new system. HVAC-system companies also offer service contracts or planned maintenance agreements that give you additional options. Comfort Air Services, for example, offers four Protection Plus extended service plans that cover parts and labor or just parts or labor.

Remember, there are some conditions that can void a warranty. A warranty may not be valid if, for example, the equipment is neglected and not properly maintained. You may also need to activate your warranty or file a registration form for it to be valid; contact your seller or manufacturer to find out.

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