install a home air cleaner, Denver, ColoradoThe air we breathe in our homes is all too easy to take for granted. But when someone in the family develops a respiratory condition, such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or an allergy to dander and dust, clean indoor air becomes a concern — as well as a priority.

Of course, you can take several measures to boost the air quality in your home. You can start using fragrance-free laundry products and eliminating sources of dust. Regularly changing the filter in your furnace can go a long way toward minimizing airborne dust, as well. Eventually, however, you may conclude that an air cleaner is something your home needs.

When you start looking for an air cleaner, you’ll find that you have quite a few choices. You might be tempted to buy a portable air device, primarily because it’s less expensive than a whole-house air cleaner. But even though a portable air cleaner can do an admirable job, it can’t keep your entire home pollutant-free. It can clean the air in only a limited space.

For a comprehensive approach, you’re better off considering a system that will treat the entire air stream in your home. So what are your options?

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