certified hvac contractor, Colorado and WyomingGood HVAC equipment isn’t cheap, and the promise of savings can be tempting. But if you’re looking to purchase HVAC equipment online and tempted by some of the hard-to-believe bargains touted by online retailers, consider taking a step back. Then consider the benefits of working with a local, certified and licensed heating and cooling professional.

The “middleman” can also be your best advocate as you make this major purchase. Offering a wealth of experience and know-how, only a certified HVAC contractor can offer professional guidance by:

Keep in mind also that many local HVAC professionals decline to install and guarantee equipment that did not come from their inventory. That’s because they cannot vouch for its condition and expected performance. A furnace warranty can be your best protection if something goes wrong, but it can be rendered null and void if:

You may encounter other problems with an online HVAC purchase as well:

Online dealers are very good at making bold promises. Contact the Rheem Pro Partner to receive a gold standard level of service that simply cannot be found on the Internet and the peace of mind you deserve when you purchase HVAC equipment. Rheem Pro Partner is a group of independently owned heating and cooling contractors formed in Denver in 1992. We proudly serve homeowners in Colorado and Wyoming.

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