Understanding the difference between fact and fiction is very important when it comes to air conditioner repair and keeping your house cool during the hot summer months. Believe it or not, you might not be running your air conditioning system correctly. While your air conditioner might cool your home, you may be able to cool it more efficiently after you learn about these myths from a Denver ac repair company. If your goals are to keep your house as cool as possible, potentially lower your monthly utility bill, and reduce your chance of requiring a Denver air conditioner repair service call this year, make sure to read and understand the following myths.

The biggest air conditioner unit is the best – and it will cool my home the most efficiently. This is a myth. The best size air conditioner system for your home is one that is the right size. In other words, the biggest system that money can buy is not necessarily the best one for your house. If you are in need of a new air conditioning system, make sure to have a conversation with your ac repair company about the correct sized unit. An honest air conditioner repair company will not try to sell you the biggest unit, but will help you select the right unit.

I should always keep my air conditioner running at full strength during the day – even when nobody is home. This is a myth. Unless there is a specific reason that you want to keep your home at a constant cool temperature when you are away from home for several hours during the day or night, there is no reason to keep you air conditioning system running at full speed 24 hours a day. Some people want to keep their air conditioner running all day because they have pets at home that require a certain indoor temperature for comfort. But running your air conditioning all day long when nobody is home can result in a higher utility bill. Additionally, running the system 24 hours a day for months on end can increase your chance of requiring a visit from a Denver air conditioner repair company.

Keeping my windows and doors closed when my air conditioning system is running will keep in the cool air. This is a myth. While it’s certainly true that you should not keep your doors and windows open on a hot day when your air conditioner is running, your home might be improperly insulated – which may allow cool air to escape without your knowledge. One of the best way to keep cool air inside is to ensure your home is properly insulated. Make sure to schedule an appointment with your air conditioner repair company to have your home’s insulation audited.

There are several additional air conditioning myths that are important to understand. For example, ceiling fans can make you feel cooler, but they do not actually cool the air in a room, turning your thermostat to a very low temperature will not cause your home to achieve a cool temperature faster, and it does make a difference where your air conditioning unit is installed! Have a Denver air conditioner repair company visit your home to evaluate your current air conditioning system. Your HVAC technician should provide you with tips and guidance on how to run your system in the most efficient manner possible.