With the extreme cold arriving today we can be certain that some not so good consequences are going to occur. Like frozen pipes and your furnace running at full throttle.
These few simple reminders may help you out.
For Pipes:
Make sure the water is turned off to outside faucets.
Open cabinet doors under sinks – especially those with an exterior wall.
Drip your faucets.
In case of emergency know where your home’s main cut-off valve is
For Furnaces:
If your furnace doesn’t kick-on, try resetting it by turning the switch off
then on.
Make sure your filters are clean, this improves efficiency.
If your vents terminate on the side or back of your home, be sure they
are clear of ice and snow.
Keep your blinds closed except where bright direct sunlight is providing
solar heat.
Run your ceiling fans on low, in reverse to circulate the warm air.
And finally, when it gets this cold you might want to pull out the long underwear!