energy audit, Denver, ColoradoHaving an energy audit done on your north Colorado home is a good idea. After having the energy audit done, though, you may be feeling overwhelmed and wonder where to start. Both your budget and time will play a part in determining where you should begin to start conserving energy in your home.

Budget for Improvements

If your budget is king and you aren’t ready for expensive improvements or upgrades, you can make small changes to help conserve energy now. Some of the less expensive and less labor intensive tasks that are commonly found on an energy audit are air leaks, older windows and mechanical issues.

Finding and sealing air leaks is a relatively inexpensive task but can be time consuming. Replacing older windows may not be an option for someone on a tight budget, but you can reduce the drafts coming in through those older windows. Installing storm windows or plastic film kits on your windows to reduce drafts can have a significant effect on the energy use in your home. Replacing that old thermostat, adjusting the temperature settings on your appliances, and installing a timer on your water heater can also reduce the energy consumed in your home.

Time to Implement Energy Audit Projects

If time is of the essence and you are more interested in seeing results sooner versus sticking to a strict and tight budget, replacing old appliances, adding insulation, and replacing your older windows might be the place to start. Replacing your old appliances with new energy-efficient ones, starting with the oldest and least efficient will help you secure the most return on your investments quicker. Adding insulation to your duct work that isn’t in conditioned spaces, and adding or improving the insulation in your attic and walls will help you conserve more energy in your home. Replacing your home’s windows can be costly and time consuming, but will give you a quick and noticable change in the energy you lose every day in your home.

For more information on where to start after an energy audit, contact our professionals at the Rheem Pro Partner. We have been serving northern Colorado since 1992.

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