home energy evaluation, Denver, ColoradoIf you’ve never had a home energy evaluation, now could be the perfect time. Colorado and Wyoming winters tend to be quite cold, and with the information from an energy evaluation, you can still weatherize your home in time to lower your winter energy bills.

Here’s how to prepare for an energy evaluation, what to expect from one and how to select an auditor to complete the evaluation.

How to prepare for an energy evaluation

What to expect from an energy evaluation

The reason you can’t complete a thorough energy evaluation yourself is because auditors use specialized equipment. Expect the following during an energy evaluation:

How to select an energy auditor

Once an energy evaluation has been performed, you know what improvements you need to make to save money on your utility bills for years to come. For more about energy evaluations, contact a Rheem Pro Partner Dealer near you. We have locations from Colorado Springs to southern Wyoming.

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