properly sealed ductwork, Colorado and WyomingTo have an efficient heating and cooling system in your home, you need properly sealed ductwork. In a typical home, 20 percent of the money spent on heating and cooling is wasted, simply because heated or cooled air escapes through the leaks in the ductwork.

While it is a relatively simple part of your home’s forced-air heating and cooling system, the ductwork provides an essential service for maintaining your home comfort. Without it, there is no way of moving heated or cooled air from the air-handling unit to the various rooms of your house. Properly sealed ductwork helps ensure that your system is operating at peak efficiency.

Without properly sealed ductwork, the air you are paying to heat and cool can escape into unoccupied areas, such as your attic, basement or crawl space. Allowing this temperature-treated air to escape forces your heating and air conditioning system to work harder, at a higher overall cost, in order to keep your home at a comfortable temperature.

Ducts that are not properly installed, have become damaged or have become disconnected due to settling of your home are the most common culprits. The tape that seals sections of ducts together can also dry out and fall off. Additionally, in older homes, ducts were often installed without being insulated.

A simple inspection by trained technicians can quickly and easily identify any problems with your ducts. They would look for:

Repairs to ensure properly sealed ductwork typically aren’t very expensive, but they can save a significant amount on your monthly energy bills. Here at the Rheem Pro Partner, we have a number of contractors who are available to help you. Contact us if you have any questions or need the recommendations of a reliable contractor.

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