central air conditioning systems are excessively dirty, not well-maintained or leaking fluid, they can grow mold. If you or anyone living in your home feels sick when you are at home during air conditioning season, it might be time to schedule an appointment with your air conditioner repair service company for a service call. During your appointment, an HVAC technician will visit your home and check your system for any problems and evidence of mold.

An air conditioning system can cause the individuals living in your home feel sick if the system is:


While some of the people living in your home may not be affected by air pollutants, there is a chance that one or more people may be sensitive. As a result, those that are sensitive might feel sick or have allergy symptoms when the home’s central air conditioner runs during the summer.


How to Make Sure Your Central Air Conditioning System is Clean?
One of the best ways to ensure your central air conditioning system is clean and not circulating mold spores, allergens or dust throughout your home every time it runs is by having the system professionally cleaned at least once a year. Making sure the system is clean and sanitized is important. However, determining the cause of mold growth, or the source of allergens and/or dust, is just as essential. If there is a mold problem, the problem may not go away permanently without determining the exact reason the mold grew in the first place. The actual source of the problem is something your air conditioner repair company should be able to determine.


If you live in a humid climate, it may be necessary to add a dehumidifier to your home. Most central air conditioning systems do a good job of removing humidity from a home, but if your system is harboring mold, you may benefit from a separate dehumidifying system. Make sure to talk with your air conditioner repair company about this possibility.


Clean Air Filters Can Make a Huge Difference
When the air filter inside of an air conditioning system is not changed regularly, the system is forced to function with a full or dirty filter. This can cause the unintentional spread of allergens and dust throughout your house. Ensuring your HVAC system is always equipped with a clean air filter is very important. A clean air filter has the ability to trap allergens and dust that circulate through the system – which prevents these particles from spreading through you home. Ultimately, a clean air filter can greatly enhance the air quality within your home.


If you or anyone in your home does not feel well when it’s air conditioner season for a reason that cannot be explained, make sure to have your air conditioning system checked by an air conditioner repair company. Air quality issues that are detected and fixed can help improve the air within your home.