programmable thermostats, Denver, ColoradoAs temperatures fluctuate we alter our behavior – wearing lighter or heavier clothes, eating different foods and taking part in seasonal activities. We also behave differently when we are asleep. So if we acknowledge the need to make adjustments depending on these factors, wouldn’t it make sense to also take this approach to our A/C systems, by using a programmable thermostat?

A programmable thermostat can provide a range of benefits, including greater comfort in our homes, environmental pluses associated with energy saving, not to mention the obvious cost savings achieved by varying the A/C levels depending on our needs.

Space cooling and heating typically makes up at least 40 percent of an average home’s energy use. A significant proportion of this is used in keeping room temperatures comfortable. But it’s pretty obvious that we don’t need our rooms as cool when we are asleep or when we’re not there at all.

Using a programmable thermostat allows you to set your A/C system to operate at a higher temperature when you are out of the house or at night when the family is asleep. It will also bring the temperature back up to a comfortable level for when you return home or wake up.

When you consider that operating costs for your A/C system can increase by between 3 and 8 percent for each degree you lower your thermostat, it clearly makes financial sense to fine tune your settings to reflect your varying needs.

Most programmable thermostats allow you to input weekly settings, but you can manually override these if your needs change. Some units offer vacation setting functions that override your usual levels until you get home. Ventilation can also be programmed in to bring fresh air into the house using the programmable thermostat.

This more precise approach to temperature management also makes financial sense. The initial outlay is relatively low and you would expect to see your original costs recouped within one year.

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