If you’ve ever popped your head (or your entire body) into an attic that lacks ventilation on a hot day, you know what true heat feels like. If the attic does not have a ventilation system in place or it is part of a home located in a hot and humid climate, the heat in the attic can feel like a death trap. If you need to enter an attic that is very hot, make sure to use extreme caution. The heat can be debilitating and it’s not good for a person to be exposed to this type of heat for an extended period of time.

If you are concerned about the hot air that is trapped in your attic, contact a Denver ac repair company as soon as possible. The air conditioner repair technician that visits your home should be able to provide you with useful advice on how to reduce the temperature in your attic.

Many people whose home attics lack ventilation wonder if their central air conditioning system should be used to cool attic air. In reality, there are several excellent ways to help reduce the hot air that can get trapped in an attic. And there are also mechanisms for helping ensure the heat in an attic does not leak into the rest of the home.

Besides using a central air conditioning system to cool your attic, try some of these ideas:

Make sure your attic contains vents that allow the hot air to escape. Hot air in an attic needs an escape route. When the attic has proper air vents installed, hot air is able to flow out of the attic. When there are no air vents the hot air remains trapped inside. An attic without ventilation can get extremely hot, and can cause the temperature of the rest of the house or building to rise. An air conditioner repair company should be able to install or provide recommendations on what type of air vents will work best in a specific building.

Verify that your attic is properly insulated. The heat that generates in an attic can seep into a home or building if the attic is not properly insulated. Insulation works two ways: it makes sure the cool air produced by your central air conditioning system is not able to leak into your attic, and it also keeps the hot air sitting in your attic from infiltrating your home. If your home has some insulation, but not enough insulation, you may not be able to effectively keep your home at a desirable temperature.

Install an attic fan. An attic fan is an excellent system that can be used to pull the hot air in your home into the attic, and out of your home through air vents in the attic. An attic fan works well in many climates, and is typically inexpensive to run. A Denver ac repair company should be able to help you select and install a suitable attic fan for your home.

If you are looking for a system to reduce the heat that is trapped in your attic throughout the hot summer months, call Rheem Pro Partner. We are a Denver, CO ac repair company that will visit your home and provide you with an evaluation on how to ventilate and insulate your attic. There is no reason to over-work your central air conditioning system in order to combat the hot air that sits in your attic. Over-using your system can lead to the need for expensive air conditioner repairs. You may be able to reduce the heat in your attic by simply adding a few air vents that allow the hot air to escape.