annual hvac service agreementIf you’ve recently upgraded the old HVAC system in your Northern Colorado home to a shiny new unit, you may be wondering if the cost of an annual HVAC service agreement is necessary. The simple truth? Without one you may be missing out on some serious savings and protection.

  1. An annual HVAC service agreement saves money.
    Seasonal tune-ups often cost the same or more than a service agreement. After you factor in repair discounts, an annual HVAC service agreement simply makes more financial sense.
  2. Properly maintained systems reduce energy costs.
    Heating and cooling costs can add up to as much as half of your monthly utility bill. Properly maintaining your new system with an annual service contract keeps that money in your banking account – not your utility company’s.
  3. Annual service extends the life of your new system.
    Proper lubrication, cleaning and operation are essential to the long life of your new system. From your car to your heating and cooling system, all mechanical devices last longer with the proper maintenance.
  4. Routine maintenance prevents breakdowns.
    Annual professional maintenance prevents the inconvenience of emergency repairs and service, allowing the detection of minor issues before they can become a major financial headache.
  5. Regular maintenance keeps your system running at peak performance.
    Poorly maintained systems utilize 10-25 percent more energy than those that are properly maintained. Ensure the efficient performance of your new system. Make certain it keeps your home comfortable, even on the hottest and coldest days of the year, without struggling or breakdowns.
  6. Customers with an annual service agreement receive priority service.
    Why wait? Time is precious. Skip to the front of the line with an annual service agreement.

Don’t neglect your new system; set up an annual HVAC service agreement with the Rheem Pro Partner today. Rheem Pro Partner offers professional service to Northern Colorado, including the Denver Metro area and Colorado Springs, as well as Casper and Cheyenne in Wyoming.

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