solar or geothermal energy, Denver, ColoradoSolar and geothermal systems are extremely efficient sources of energy for your home. If you’re a Denver resident who has been considering one of these systems, you may not be aware that they’re still eligible for federal energy-efficiency tax credits. Most of these tax credits expired in 2011, but those for solar and geothermal remain in place until 2016. 

The tax credits can be used to offset the cost of either installation. When combined with the huge lifetime savings offered by solar and geothermal, the tax credits can make an investment even more attractive.

Tax credits for energy efficiency
are available for solar power, solar water heating, and geothermal energy systems. The credits amount to 30 percent of the cost of the equipment. Credits for geothermal heat pumps and solar water heating include installation costs. To qualify for a tax credit, your system:

Your installation can be in either a new or an existing home. Some additional conditions apply to solar installations:

Water heating


Photovoltaic electricity generation


Heating and air conditioning customers in the Denver metro area know the Rheem Pro Partner as a reliable, expert source of HVAC sales, service and maintenance. Contact us for more information on tax credits for solar and geothermal systems. We want to help you save money — whether it’s through tax credits for geothermal or solar or energy savings elsewhere in your home.

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